Medication safety, a serious matter.

As long as nurses attend patients at the bedside, and this includes administering medicines mistakes will unfortunately be made. We need tools to minimise this possibility. A second digital check will be the solution for the coming years. At healthcare institutions, hospitals and nursing homes. It is the individual institution that bears responsibility for quality, and the institutions have a duty to make efforts required to maximise medication safety.

Medication safety

The Dutch Association of Hospital Pharmacists, NVZA/NVA has made the safety of medication a topic of its policy. The programme called Better Faster, a cooperative effort by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, the Dutch Hospital Association (NVZ) and the Federation of Medical Specialists, is dedicated to stimulating improvement in the transparency, effectiveness and quality of curative care and aims to enhance the quality of patient logistics and patient safety.

Digital coding

UDP has developed and patented a safe solution enabling all medicines issued in intramural care to be singularised and digitally coded. The purpose is to minimise human errors that can occur when issuing medicines, under conditions that optimise efficiency in the medicine-issuing chain. This is how UDP supports BCMA (Bar-Code Assisted Medication Administration) in intramural care.

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